The stories about the super powers of the “Heroes of Painting” fall upon the ears of an international expert designer, Alessandro Mendini, who commissions them artworks passed into history:

100% MAKE UP

In 1992 Master Mendini gathered 100 artists and he asked them to impress their personal and original touch, decorating the hundred vases he projected for Alessi. Our Plumcake(s) could not miss, with their wheel– faces, painted with primary colors and in a “comic” fashion.


And what about the Jumping Heart for Swatch, on the occasion of St Valentine day, in 1997? A dynamic, running heart on the clock face of a wristwatch, just to remind that “there is a time for love too”.


In 1999 Plumcake signed the porcelain for espresso with saucer by Rosenthal Studio Linie, Mythos series.

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